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Kickboxing for kids and teens


Kids and teenagers can make new friends, build confidence and let off steam with our mindful martial arts classes. Whether they're in it for the fun, or striving to earn their Black Belt, they'll love learning some awesome moves and skills! Parents and kids can train together in our Family Friendly class too!

All of the below sessions run from The Dojo in Spondon, but we also offer classes after school at George Spencer Academy, Stapleford, Nottingham.

Please get in touch for more information.

Kids/Youth Classes

Ages 4-8 & 9-12

Does your child need to...

  • Build self confidence and socialise?

  • Learn respect, discipline and other important life skills?

  • Spend less time on screen?

  • Increase their focus and achieve their goals?

  • Burn off extra energy and have fun?

Then our carefully structured syllabus has the answer!


Our youngest students benefit from our Mini Mantis syllabus, where they'll learn martial arts skills through fun games and short combination pad work, collecting stickers and rewards along the way. As they gain confidence and grow, they will see for themselves the sense of achievement that comes with learning new skills and working towards their belts.


As with all our classes, we teach students strength of character alongside martial arts skills. Our classes are inclusive and designed to encourage respect and build self-worth. Our friendly Mentors are on hand to provide encouragement, and all children are given the opportunity to earn accredited martial arts belts.

Kids Classes

Students in our Kids' Classes work in small groups with a mentor to pad hold and help to direct them whilst under the Sensei's supervision. Great for ages 5 - 8 years old, less confident older children or children with additional needs. A perfect start to kickboxing. 


Youth Classes

Students in our youth classes work in pairs to pad hold for each other. perfect for ages 10 - 12 or more confident/experienced 8+yr olds. A pad holding workshop is advised for new students in these classes.

Mini Mantis Martial Arts classes for ages 4-7
Book a Taster Session – just £5!

With no commitment to join you've got nothing to lose. Book a Taster Session today!

Teens Classes

Ages 13-17

Would your teenager benefit from...

  • Increased confidence and social skills?

  • Increased respect and understanding of what the adult world expects from them?

  • Spending less time on screen?

  • Increased focus, energy and drive?

  • A safe place/outlet for frustrations?

... Our martial arts classes can help!

Mantis Martial Arts increases focus, energy and drive in teenagers

Students will wow their peers with some awesome spinning, jumping, flying, punching kickboxing moves as they work towards accredited martial arts belts.

Our youth programme has been designed by an experienced secondary school teacher and Black Belt. We use positive behaviour reward systems, mindful teachings and challenge to build respect and resilience, and encourage all our students to be the best they can be.

Book a Taster Session – just £5!

With no commitment to join you've got nothing to lose. Book a Taster Session today!

Family friendly kickboxing

Ages 8+

Train with your family or just at the same time as you work with others in your own age range in the group.


Our experienced senseis lead each activity with adaptations for different levels to ensure everyone is challenged and pushed at their own pace.

Book a Taster Session – just £5!

With no commitment to join you've got nothing to lose. Book a Taster Session today!

Find out more...

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(Nb. If you're interested for your child, please use their details (name and date of birth) to ensure you receive relevant information. Thank you!

"Very professional but friendly kickboxing club for adults and children. Both me and my daughter love it."

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