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Kids' Parties!

Let us help your child celebrate their birthday with a NERF PARTY, MINIBEASTS PARTY or NINJA PARTY!


Choose from our Bronze, Silver or Gold party packages. All parties include:


  • 1 hour of exciting activities led by your party host

  • 30 minutes food time

  • Up to 12 children as standard, with option to add more

  • Paper invitations and our online RSVP service


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Nerf Parties!

Nerf battle children's parties in Spondon, Derby

Don your safety goggles and go on a covert operation to find your ammunition whilst under attack from our ninja staff. Once you've got your ammo you can then retreat to safety to lock and load up! You'll be given some time to practice your shooting skills with our target practice ranges before we give you your first nerf assignment.

Assignments vary but include: Zombie annihilation, capture the ninja, last ninja standing and more! Suitable for ages 4+

NERF parties for children organised by Mantis Martial Arts in Spondon, Derby

Minibeast Parties

Join Matt, our Minibeast Master to learn all about Happy the Mantis and her minibeast friends. From Giant African land snails and lizards to snakes and tarantulas, there's a chance to hold (or admire from afar!) some of the most incredible reptiles and insects. Includes one hour animal handling time. Suitable for ages 2+

Minibeast themed parties run from The Dojo, Chapel Side in Spondon, Derby
Matt's Minibeasts logo

Ninja Parties!

Become a real life ninja as you learn some pretty awesome kickboxing in our dojo. Games vary with age/ability/number of participants but include move that mentor (kids learn how to use powerful front kicks against professional kick shields), and the much loved breaker boards. Suitable for ages 4+

Children enjoying a Ninja themed party at The Dojo, Spondon in Derby
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