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Our mindfulness syllabus

At Mantis Martial Arts, we want to help you become fitter, happier and healthier psychologically as well as physically.


We do this through our new mindful teaching at the end of each class. These lessons help you to become more positive and take control of your life. Making small positive changes to how you think, act and feel can make massive differences in your personal and professional life.

Mindful session at the end of a martial arts class
  • How to deal with negative situations (bullying, general life stresses, family and money worries).

  • How to get more of the positives in your life (confidence, success at school/work, relationships and self-worth).

  • Taking control of your life! - Get to your ideal weight, get that promotion at work, be that successful, happy person you want to be.

"The wellbeing aspect of Mantis training is amazing. Having time to focus on me and my mental health is an important moment in my week. It is something everyone should make time for."



"Very professional but friendly kickboxing club for adults and children. Both me and my daughter love it."

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